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Venue Information

All concerts are held in Resonance at Soma Towers.

288 106th Ave. NE

Suite 203

Bellevue, WA 98004


Resonance is located on the second floor of the north SOMA Tower on the east side of 106th Ave NE, between NE 2nd and NE 4th streets, in downtown Bellevue. From the street level, take one of the outdoor stairways up one flight. From the parking garage or courtyard (at street level), take the retail elevator ‒ located at the center of the building ‒ to level L2. Exit the elevator, turn slightly to your left, and continue to our front entry. Look for the radiant Resonance monogram above the door.

Public Parking

Entrance to the SOMA Towers parking garage is located at the north tower, off 106th Ave NE, just below the large square window panel framed in red. The first two levels of the garage (P1, P2) allow public parking.  

Avoid Parking Citations

Regardless of the duration of your stay, all drivers are required to print a parking receipt and lay it face up on their dashboard.​

Please note: Soma Towers is a mixed-use apartment complex. Please avoid resident lobbies and hallways. Public parking is provided by the building owners and managed by the apartment leasing office. Please direct questions about parking citations to SOMA Towers Apartments

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